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  3 days/4 nights
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We are a small group of passionate, purpose driven entrepreneurs who are taking 3 days out over a long weekend next summer to raise money for mental & physical health charities. We’re going to do this by walking the 14 highest peaks in Wales (over 3000’) over 3 days. It won’t be easy but it’s also not impossible. If you can walk up Snowdon then you can do the 14 peaks over 3 days. You’ll need to be reasonably fit but this isn’t some endurance/crazy fitness event – it will be a relaxed but challenging 3 days.

Our guides have put together a suggested training guide for us so we can slowly but surely improve out fitness and readiness for the trip over the next 6 months. Once you commit to the project we’ll send you the guide and add you to the 14peaks.wales website so you can easily access it anytime. As we said it’s not ‘that hard’ to do the 14 peaks but putting in some physical training and improving your diet over the next 6 months will definitely help you.

The event is invite only. There is room for around 12 people so far. We may be able to accommodate more if there is demand. You’ll need to commit to the project by paying 50% of the fees in early January and 50% in early April. As soon as you are committed you can start raising funds – on your own fundraising page which we’ll connect with the main/group one. Don’t forget if you run your own business you can put this down as a marketing/awareness building cost for the business so it’s tax deductible in that sense.


Day 1

Mountain Walking
9am - 5pm

Day 2

Mountain Walking
9am - 5pm

Day 3

Mountain Walking
9am - 5pm

Whats included

Walking poles provided
All transfers included
Full facilities at our accommodation base
All food for the 4 nights/3 days included
Full third party liability insurance
Safety briefing
Full safety briefing provided each morning