Earn By Promoting Wellwild


The Wellwild affiliate program offers an attractive incentive of 5% commission, paid directly into your bank account, for any leads generated through your unique affiliate link that result in a sale of any of the experiences and activities on wellwild.com.

Are you ready to join our affiliate program? Sign up now to start earning today!

You’ll need to join Wellwild and then sign up as an affiliate.

You’ll be in good company.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Literally anyone!

From bloggers to social influencers, sports clubs to gyms. Or just an individual with an Instagram account! 

If you have a way to promote Wellwild, you can become an affiliate.

How do I become an Affiliate?

Quite simply head over to https://wellwild.com/affiliate-area/ and sign up! Give us an indication of the sort of promotional activities you’ll be undertaking and we’ll accept you onto the program!

Is there an upfront payment?

Absolutely not! You’ll never have to pay anything out, only receive (once you start referring of course)!

How much will I receive?

We offer a flat rate of 5% of every sale, paid 30-days in arrears on any lead that has purchased one of our activities.

How do I promote Wellwild.com?

Any way you wish!

We tend to see people promoting our activities and experiences via their social accounts or lifestyle blogs, but that’s not to say we aren’t open to new and innovative ways to increase referrals!

What is the cookie length?

We offer a full 60-day cookie length, giving you as much time as possible to receive your referral.

We understand the frustrations of short cookie periods, so we’ve made ours one of the longest in the industry!

Our extended cookie period allows you a significant amount of time between promotion and the subsequent sale.

What creative support is available?

We have a large number of banners, MPUs and social posts that you can use to promote the activities and experiences on wellwild.com.

We’ll be adding seasonal varieties and, of course, you can always request something specific to help you increase your exposure… and consequently… ours!

What affiliate manager support is available?

Wellwild offers a full support package, simply email affiliates@wellwild.com with any questions or queries and we’ll be happy to help you on your way!