North Wales
Bala is a very cool town on the edge of lake Bala in the middle of stunning countryside.
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2 days
Active | Outdoor
An incredible 2 day experience in North Wales consisting of Gorge Walking, Mountain Biking & Cave Exploration. Activate will help you blow off the dusts, get active, outdoors and experience some amazing activities in and around Bala, a stunning & wild area of Wales.
From £175 pp
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3 hours
Active | Adventure | Outdoor
Winter Gorge Walking
Gorge Walking in Winter is an incredible experience. With the right winter wetsuits it isn't as cold as it sounds and is a very wild way to spend a few hours.
From £60 pp
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1 hr
Active | Outdoor
Standup Paddleboarding
Standup Paddleboarding on Lake Bala. Stunning location with incredible views of the hills and a lovely beach from which to launch from.
From £35 pp
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