Rock Climbing

Based on the North Wales Coast, we have access to some of the best climbing in the UK, whether Sport Climbing, Bouldering or Trad Climbing. Whether you are a complete beginner, or you have some previous experience, we are keen to provide you with an enjoyable and lasting experience and introduction to this thrilling sport. We will help you set some goals and try appropriate challenges and you'll spend time getting loads of climbing done and helping to hold the ropes for other group members when not climbing. Whilst maximising your time spent on the rock, you will be introduced to climbing equipment, terminology, grading systems, movement skills, safety techniques, knots and more! The sessions are progressive in order that everyone can have maximum participation, and we will set the challenges at a suitable level for all levels of ability and confidence. Typically we will start off by building your confidence in rock climbing techniques, and the rope techniques that keep you safe. We can then build on the level of challenge to suit you.
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